Sea Eagle TC16 Travel Canoe 2 Person Electric Pump Pkg.

Sea Eagle

Type: Canoe

Vendor: Sea Eagle

Electric Pump Package makes getting out on the water effortless and even faster! Includes 2 pumps - one manual, one electric for fantastic flexibility. A great package for couples. Also includes 2 adjustable paddles, 2 drop - stitch seats, carry bag and repair kit.

The World's First Patented High Pressure All Drop Stitch Inflatable Travel Canoe has arrived!

Say goodbye to heavy, unstable, tippy, nearly impossible to store and transport canoes! The Sea Eagle Inflatable TC16 fits in a small car trunk or closet with plenty of room to spare and sets up in under 10 minutes!

The TC16 has accomplished feats well beyond reach of traditional canoes. It is a completely buoyant and unsinkable canoe, easy to upright and re-enter from the water, 33% lighter than comparable canoes, has incredible primary and secondary stability (stable to stand in), bow/stern molds that slice through the water, full length flat planing surface area for additional speed, designed to create lift and reduce drag, entire hull waterline length enabling paddling speeds up to 5 mph, full length double chine system and removable rear skeg to enhance tracking and increase stability, three separate air chambers for additional safety and is rated for up to Class IV whitewater.

U.S. Patent 9,452,809

About the Travel Canoe™ Series

Fully inflated the Sea Eagle 16ft Travel Canoe is sixteen feet long, thirty eight inches wide (at center), and twenty inches deep at the highest points with a max load capacity of 915 lbs! This incredible canoe packs down to a mere 40" x 24" x 16" rectangle, fits into it's own bag and weighs only 70 lbs. 30% lighter than traditional hard shell canoes of the same class and category the TC16 still fits into the small trunk of a Mini Cooper!

With 3" thick rigid high pressure (10 psi) inflatable drop stitch gunwales (side rails) that stand 20" at the highest points and are set at a 15° angle with a 16' long x 25" wide x 3" thick rigid high pressure (10 psi) inflatable drop stitch floor you not only have incredible initial primary stability but you also have outstanding secondary stability. Far more stable than traditional rigid hull canoes!



Person Capacity 3
Hull Weight 60 lbs.
Length 16 ft.
Beam 3 ft. 2 in.
Interior 15'2" x 25"
Load Capacity 2-3 Person (800 lbs.) or Persons + Gear (915 lbs.)
Deflated Approx. 40" x 24" x 16"
Chambers 3: Port, Starboard, Floor
Inflation time 7-9 Minutes
Seam Overlap
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced
Tube Dimensions Gunwales 20" High at Bow & Stern, 15" High at Center, 3" Thick
Whitewater Rating Up to Class IV
Inflation Pressure Up to 10 psi

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